Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack is a game that demands concentration, and most of the people who play it generally take it pretty serious. Because of this, there are more rules of etiquette that you should follow when playing Blackjack. Here is a quick list of things you might want to consider if you want to be successful at this popular casino game.

  • If you are not going to play and simply want to watch the action, do it from a distance (you don’t have to be across the room), perhaps behind someone, but without staring at their cards from behind their back. If there is an empty seat at the table, don’t sit in it if you are just watching , but if you stand just behind the empty seat this is an ideal spot for you to observe the activities without distracting the players. If online gambling, you can sit next to your friend if they are helping you learn,
  • Leave a tip for the dealer every 5 or so hands, this is not required, but it is a simple courtesy. Remember, the dealer does not personally benefit from the house winnings, they are merely the dealer of the cards. They don’t get rich when you lose, but in a game where karma seems to be prevalent, it might just be in your best interest to tip. Just remember, if you do tip during play, make sure to put the chip/tip outside the playing area so there is no confusion to what your actual bet is.
  • If you choose to drink while you play (as so many do), make sure to order your drink between hands. There is nothing more frustrating for the other players than when their hand is held up because you cannot decide if you want a Buttery Nipple or a Cosmo.
  • Above tip being said, you will also want to place your bet quickly. Again, nobody wants gaming held up because you’re not sure how much to want to wager.
  • When you first sit down to play, introduce yourself. It is perfectly fine to say “Hi, I’m Rachael from Orlando.” What you don’t want to do is go on and on about the weather and your favorite color.
  • When you leave the table, tip and thank your dealer (even thank the other players). Again, as stated above, whether you win or lose, the dealer makes the same amount of money.

While this game may seem a little less social than say Roulette, you can still have a good time and even be entertained whether you win or lose if you are considerate of these few tips. Playing blackjack at online gambling casinos is one of the safest bets online.